Asia-Pacific Educational Assessment Conference 2017
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Assessment of learning – Assessment for learning – Assessment as learning: few areas of education evoke strong feelings among teachers as does student assessment.  That’s not surprising, given the significance of the subject. On the one hand, assessment is used at national and international level to evaluate the quality of education systems; on the other it is a powerful instrument at school level for monitoring and stimulating the progress of individual students.  In the wrong hands it can undermine confidence and kill creativity; in the right hands it is one of the most powerful tools for boosting motivation and achievement.


No wonder policy makers and practitioners alike have made student assessment a central focus for their attention.  The health of our education systems – and the future of our children – depends to a large extent on how well we carry out this important professional role.


In September this year, the Academy of Principals in Singapore is therefore delighted to invite you to participate in this third biannual conference on student assessment for the Asia Pacific region. As in previous conferences, we have put together a programme which will be of direct relevance to both classroom teachers, school leaders and system leaders, and we have an eminent line-up of international speakers and facilitators delivering a mixture of plenary keynote presentations, discussions and workshops.  


The theme of our conference is: Innovative Assessment – Opportunities and Challenges. In many ways student assessment is at a crossroads.  We now have very well established international programmes which enable countries and jurisdictions to evaluate a whole range of aspects of their own system against external benchmarks, and over the past decade or so we have built up a considerable body of understanding and expertise about student assessment, in terms of good practice in the classroom, at school level, and at the wider, national level.  We have learnt to distinguish between assessment of learning and assessmentfor learning, combining best practice in both summative and formative aspects of assessment with high quality teaching and learning.  Our understanding of assessment has increased tenfold, but sometimes that understanding has not fed through to what we actually do in schools.  So there are great opportunities for us to develop innovative assessment practices, but there are also many challenges. This conference will explore some of these opportunities and challenges.


We look forward to seeing you there!



Innovative Assessment - Opportunities and Challenges



  • Sharing updates on latest and upcoming trends in assessment development
  • Learning more about a learner-centred and balanced assessment
  • Providing an opportunity to advance communication, collaboration and exchange among academics, researchers and practitioners.


Who should attend?

  • School Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Academics
  • Researchers
  • Education Policy Makers
  • Ministry of Education Officers


Come and Hear from Experts in Educational Assessment!













Thursday 7 to Friday 8 September 2017


What Past Delegates said about the APEAC


"Practical instruction on the design of assessment for learning"

"Good range of speakers from teacher assessment to classroom assessment"

"Enlightening and broad understanding of world trends"

"Choices of keynote topics were very aligned with conference theme"

"Attempt on the part of the organisers to manage threads of thought by different keynote speakers. Each offered their own perspectives on the topic of assessment, which enriched my learning as a result"

"Insightful and macro-view of AfL in the education system"

"A good combination of theories & practical techniques."