Start of School Year 2014
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Guest Speaker: Mr Viswa Sadasivan

Date: 9 January 2014, Thursday
Venue: Furama Riverfront Hotel


Learning is a life-long process and leaders in the Academy of Principals (Singapore) recognise that our educators have to progress together with the changes in the societies they serve. We are always seeking out the best and most innovative aspects of modern education worldwide for Singapore and its schools.

By providing learning opportunities and engaging our members in continuing education, we believe that our School Leaders will gain insights into the latest thinking and practices from a global perspective, and hence further develop their professional and personal capabilities.

The Academy regularly invites distinguished leaders in education, captains of industry and enterprise as well as well-known local personalities to share their rich experiences and perspectives about what's important for the future, and therefore, by extension, for learning. This year we have the privilege to have Mr Viswa Sadasivan, CEO of Strategic Moves Pte Ltd and also a former Nominated Member of Parliament to have a session with our participants as well as to share his thoughts on education.

It is hoped that through a platform such as the Start of School Year, members will be aware of the latest trends, movements and pedagogies in education and respond to the call of leadership that is needed to keep our schools relevant



About the Speaker

Viswa Sadasivan is the CEO of Strategic Moves Pte Ltd (formerly known as The Right Angle Communications). As CEO, he oversees the strategic development and provides much of the company’s vision and drive. Viswa is also personally involved in providing strategic consultancy and Master Class coaching sessions for key decision makers from both the private and public sectors in Singapore and around the region. The company has been in the business of strategic media & crisis training and consultancy since its inception in 1997.

With over 30 years of television experience, Viswa is best known to the public as the face of the (then) Singapore Broadcasting Corporation’s breakthrough news and current affairs programmes such as Talking Point, Feedback and Today in Parliament. As Senior Controller, he also planned and directed coverage of Parliamentary reports and General Elections, and has interviewed business and political leaders such as Singapore’s (then) Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, the late Tungku Abdul Rahman.

 Viswa served as Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) from 18 July 2009 till April 2011.