Asia-Pacific Educational Assessment Conference 2015
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Conference Updates

Dear Participants,

As announced by the Singapore Elections Department on 25 August 2015, the General Election will take place on 11 September 2015 at the respective contested constituencies.

As 11 September is also the second day of the Asia-Pacific Educational Assessment Conference (APEAC), we would like to inform you that the conference will carry on with the full programme, in view of our specially selected speakers, each of whom have significant insights into assessment, while overseas participants have also made their travel arrangements. 

At the same time, we have adjusted the timings so that the programme will end at 3.30 pm on 11 September to give Singapore citizens the opportunity to vote.  Voting ends at 8.00 pm. 

APEAC starts on Thursday 10 September 2015 at 9.00 am at the Orchard Hotel.  Registration of participants will begin from 7.30 am onwards.

After Nomination Day on 1 September, we will be sending a link whereby those involved in election duties can inform the Conference Secretariat so that alternative arrangements can be made.

Thank you.

The Organising Committee

APEAC 2015


The 2nd Asia-Pacific Educational Assessment Conference (APEAC) is organised by the Academy of Principals (Singapore) from 10 to 11 September 2015 for school leaders, teachers, academics and researchers from all levels in Singapore and the region. The aim of APEAC is to raise the assessment competencies in our educators and school leaders so that quality teaching and learning can be achieved at every level. Educational assessment topics have been specially chosen to broaden one’s view of education assessment as well as to explore current trends and global best practices in education assessment. Whether one is new to educational assessment or a seasoned expert, the participant will find ample opportunities to gather new knowledge and insights at APEAC.

Participants will also discover how renowned institutions and educators have implemented their own successful programmes and find out how to implement them at one’s institution. International speakers who are authorities in educational assessment have been invited to share their knowledge through a series of keynote and spotlight sessions. As an event both diverse and informative, APEAC will serve as an opportunity for educators to network with peers, connect with experienced practitioners and exchange ideas with professionals from around the world.



Assessment with Purpose



  • Sharing updates on latest and upcoming trends in assessment development
  • Learning more about a learner-centred and balanced assessment
  • Providing an opportunity to advance communication, collaboration and exchange among academics, researchers and practitioners.


Who should attend?

  • School Leaders
  • Teachers
  • Academics
  • Researchers
  • Education Policy Makers
  • Ministry of Education Officers


Come and Hear from Experts in Educational Assessment!

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When and Where

Thursday 10 to Friday 11 September 2015, Orchard Hotel Singapore


What Past Delegates said about the APEAC

"They (speakers) affirm our local practices on assessments and make us think how

we can further improve and enhance our good practices."

"Keynote speakers were focused and engaging and there was alignment to the theme."

"Excellent keynotes that provided great insights supported with research."

"Valuable insights into deeper thinking behind assessment practices."

"Appreciate the different perspective shared by the speakers"

"A good combination of theories & practical techniques."