D.I. Asia Summit 2016
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Venue: Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore


Expanding the Possibilities!


Theme: Connect, Collaborate, Differentiate


Why Attend?

Discover the difference with innovative strategies, inspiration, networking and excitement you are looking for to transform your classroom and school!


  • Develop a mindset for change
  • Learn from famed, international presenters
  • Engage and motivate critical and creative thinking
  • Add to your instructional tool kit practical ideas that get results
  • Creating connections – building bridges…together!


Differentiation is a philosophy that enables teachers to plan strategically in order to reach the needs of the diverse learners that we find in our classrooms today. We welcome the teachers and school leaders who form the cornerstone of our educational system and are gathered at the Summit today. Our quest in schools and classrooms everywhere is to foster success for students in their lives through becoming self-directed, productive problem-solvers and critical and creative thinkers. These are the 21st Century skills that will propel our schools forward.

As you will see demonstrated in this summit, differentiation is not just a set of tools but also a philosophy of instruction that a teacher embraces to reach the unique needs of every learner. A differentiated classroom is one in which the teacher responds to those unique needs (Tomlinson, 2013).

This Summit organized by the Academy of Principals (Singapore) presents leading international authorities who will provide a variety of options to successfully reach targeted standards. Today, teachers face a challenging landscape of confounding variables that influence the constantly changing classroom.

AS a result of participating in this D.I. Asia Summit, you will explore the elements needed in the classroom to engage students and facilitate learning to increase the chances that ALL learners will succeed.




Dr. Marcia Tate

Chief Executive Officer, Developing Minds Inc., United States


Drs. Harry & Rosemary Wong

Educational Consultants, Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc., United States


Dr. Kathy Perez

Director of Teaching Leadership, Saint Mary’s College of California, United States


Ms Erin Erceg

Training Associate Friendly Schools Hawker Brownlow Education, Australia




Exclusive Appearance by Professor Carol Ann Tomlinson

Quality Differentiation: Why, What, and How


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Who Should Attend?
School Leaders • School Middle Managers
• Educators • Academics • Researchers • Ministry of Education Officers

What Past Delegates said about the D.I. Asia Summit 2016?

“Good in-depth sharing – a lot of rich information & ideas”

 “Very engaging and there were many great ideas & strategies shared for engaging lessons”

“Very interesting & highly engaging speakers – very inspiring too – good ideas to learn from”

“Speakers were engaging & thoughtful, energetic & action-packed. Excellent”

“Amazing that there was so much audience – participation-attests to the creative dynamism of the presenters”