D.I. Asia Summit 2016 - Keynotes & Spotlights Synopses
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Drs. Harry & Rosemary Wong

Educational Consultants, Harry K. Wong Publications, Inc., United States

Keynote Title:  The Effective Teacher

The overwhelming research states that the only factor that will improve student learning and achievement is an effective teacher.  Over 50 years of research has repeatedly stated that the three characteristics of effective teachers are:  1) effective organization and managing of the classroom, 2) effective management for lesson mastery, and 3) positive expectation for both teacher and student success.  The presenters have spoken extensively on and have written the best-selling book in the history of education on this subject.


Spotlight Session 1 Title:  The Learning Triangle

The only way to improve student learning is to improve teacher instructional practice.  The effective teacher structures the lesson based on the three points of the Learning Triangle:  1) Objectives:  Tell the students what they will be learning before the lesson begins, and student achievement can be raised as much as 27 percent.  2)  Assessment:  Provide students with specific feedback about their progress, and achievement can be raised as much as 37 percent.  3)  Instruction:  Good instruction is 15 to 20 times more powerful than family background, income, race, gender, and other explanatory variables. 


Spotlight Session 2 Title:  Creating a Classroom & School Culture

The major role of a principal is to establish, nourish, and disseminate a culture.  All effective schools and classrooms have a Culture of Consistency, a structure and organization where the students know what to DO (Procedures) and what to LEARN (Objectives).  Effective teachers know the strategies and techniques on how to organize and manage a classroom so that students can visibly see what they are to do to learn and succeed.  The presenters have written two major books on this subject.


Dr. Marcia Tate

Chief Executive Officer, Developing Minds Inc., United States

Keynote Title: Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites: 20 Brain Compatible Strategies That Differentiate Instruction

It stands to reason that if students don’t learn the way we teach them, then we must teach them the way they learn! Experience 20 instructional strategies (based on brain research and learning style theory) that differentiate instruction for all students. Increase learning for students when strategies like drawing, metaphor, music and storytelling are used to teach curriculum objectives. Explore research that shows why these strategies are preferable to others. This session has been called both professionally and personally life changing and lots of fun!


Spotlight Sessions 1 & 2 Title: Characteristics of a Brain-compatible Classroom Environment

Regardless of the grade level or content area, increase student achievement, reduce behavior problems, and make teaching and learning fun by creating a brain-compatible classroom environment. Participants will: State five factors which all teachers should use to increase differentiated instruction; Design a brain-compatible differentiated classroom environment; Develop teaching plans which adhere to brain research and incorporate at least three of the 20 strategies. This session has been called informative and life changing.  


Ms Erin Erceg

Lead Training Associate, Hawker Brownlow Professional Learning Solutions, Australia


Dr. Kathy Perez

Director of Teaching Leadership, Saint Mary’s College of California, United States