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The Academy of Principals (Singapore) is organising its 10th Global Educational Leadership Conference on the theme

“Leading a Community for Innovation”
from 20-21 March 2019
in Singapore

There is an increasing call to be innovative and the call becomes more  urgent because of alterations in the way we learn and the way we communicate. We also note that growth is no longer a given, even as the world is changing in several aspects, not least because of climate change. At the same time, school leaders lead a community, and certainly purpose to build a strong community to weather the transition. They are sensitive as to how communities can be damaged by inequality and access, and especially by poor adjustment to different mindsets and structures. Bringing a community together and leading that community towards innovations that build up resilience is therefore an imperative.

To this end, the 10th Global Educational Leadership Conference will feature thinkers, both internationally and locally, who see the need to create a resilient model amidst the transformations that are taking place. In addition, successful practitioners from other systems, as well as those from Singapore, who are riding this wave of unprecedented change will also be invited to share their experiences.

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