Recommended Readings
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The Academy recognises the importance of the fraternity keeping abreast with research on educational issues.  As we understand more about the nature of learning, within the individual and among the community, we are challenged to go beyond the merely intuitive to real data.

At the same time, readings do not always have to tell us something new. Very often, especially in articles on educational leadership, what is highlighted is what school leaders probably know but had no time to practise or implement. In this section are bite-size reviews that the Academy hopes that busy members might find both timely and digestible.

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California just voted to ban schools from starting before 8.30am so kids can sleep in

Techxplore: A font that helps you remember what you read—Sans Forgetica

Fortnite Addiction Is Forcing Kids Into Video-Game Rehab

Study: Memories of music cannot be lost to Alzheimer and dementia