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The Academy of Principals represents a unique and vibrant partnership between the key players in Singapore education. It aims to provide unparalleled support for our nation's school principals and senior educators as they lead our schools in the next era of educational change.

Membership with the Academy is available to individuals who have been appointed as principals with any government, government-aided or independent school.

This membership privilege is also extended to former school principals who go on to serve in MOE, NIE or other related organisations in leadership positions. They are invited to join as Ordinary Members or Life Members of the Academy.

Retired school principals, practising vice-principals, principals of Institute of Technical Education (ITE) centres, polytechnics and foreign schools recognised by the Academy are eligible for consideration as Associate Members. However, they may not vote or hold office in the Academy.

Life Members who have retired from service will automatically become Associate Life Members.

On very special occasions, the Executive Board may confer Honorary Membership on an individual for their outstanding contributions to education, or for meritorious service to the Academy. Mr Wee Heng Tin, former Director General of Education, has the distinction of being the first APS Honorary Member for his many significant contributions that led to the formation of the Academy. Miss Seah Jiak Choo, Director-General of Education 2004-2009, has also accepted the Academy's invitation to be an Honorary Member.

While the criteria for membership at APS will evolve together with the requirements of school leadership, the Academy’s values and beliefs remain focused on ensuring continuity and commitment to all that it strives to achieve.

If you wish to sign up as a member in any of these categories, please click here.