Special Focus
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The Special Focus will revolve around a specific theme. The features under Special Focus will include the following:

  1. Spotlight will be an introductory piece to the specific theme and set the context for the other related articles.
  2. Interviews of leader(s) on their views pertaining to the specific theme. This could focus on their success stories.
  3. Round-table discussions in which participants can provide a variety of views (including dissenting views) on a topic related to the specific theme. These discussions could surface challenges, concerns, current issues and possible solutions.
  4. Research pieces by practitioners and researchers on topics related to the specific theme.
  5. Thinkpiece section will include two articles: one by an international practitioner or researcher and a second by a leader not from the educational sector. The Thinkpiece section will lend a global perspective.
  6. Reflection will be a section that will encourage the reader to be introspective and perhaps engage in a self-reflection of his approach to leadership in relation to the specific theme. Some examples could include self-assessment checklists, case study, questionnaires etc.